4 Basement Reno Mistakes You Could End Up Regretting

4 Basement Reno Mistakes You Could End Up Regretting

Are you getting ready to renovate your basement? To avoid any regrets, it’s best to formulate a plan and know what you want to achieve before you begin. Some homeowners fail to do so and end up disappointed!

Some blunders can be expensive or have unpleasant consequences. Here are the pitfalls to steer clear of. 

Failing to Plan the Electrical Outlets and Plumbing

No matter the renovation project, having a detailed blueprint of the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes is essential. To arrive at a functional and safe plan, first determine how you will use your basement. Do you want to install a bathroom and create a bedroom for your teenager? Will this be the laundry room’s location so that the noise from the washer and dryer doesn’t bother you while you watch TV, eat dinner, or have people over? Or is this where you will store the boxes you haven’t had time to unpack yet?

Having decided how you will use your basement, you won’t end up placing outlets or laying pipes in the wrong place or omitting to do so where you need them.

Ignoring Moisture Issues

High humidity levels can wreak havoc everywhere in your home, but especially in the basement. Poorly managed moisture issues can lead to mould that can harm all members of your family. Make sure there is no water infiltration problem and check your basement’s relative humidity before embarking on expensive renovations.

Failing to Prepare a Proper Work Plan and a Not Budgeting for Contingencies

Before you start tearing anything down or putting anything up, devise a detailed plan of all the work you want to carry out, then obtain costs estimates. This will let you know from the get-go if you have enough money for the project or if you need to take out a loan.

In addition to your budget, you should also set aside a few hundred or thousand dollars to deal with the surprises that frequently come up during renovation work. 

Ignoring the Unexpected

And, of course, it’s important that you deal with unforeseen issues as you uncover them! As you start opening walls or pulling up flooring, you may find that more extensive work is required than you had planned for. You must address complications such as the presence of mould, a water leak, unusual bulging in walls or the floor, and damaged cables or wood beams. You can’t simply dismiss them or try to mask them because as they worsen, they will sooner or later result in far more serious and expensive problems.


Remodeling a basement should not be undertaken lightly. Do not hesitate to call on the services of qualified building contractors, plumbers, and electricians to help you make the most of your renovations and budget without putting your safety and that of your family members at risk.

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