How to Give Your Home a Spring Refresh

How to Give Your Home a Spring Refresh

No more cozy interior decors and snug outdoor spaces! With spring’s long-awaited return, it’s time to come out of hibernation and get your property ready for the sunny days ahead.

Whether you’re looking for design tips or advice on how to restyle your living environment, here are eight simple yet effective ideas to welcome spring into your home. 

Plan a Spring Clean

It will boost your mood and do you a world of good! Start by clearing each room of any superfluous objects accumulated over the winter. Go through your closets, drawers, and shelves: donate or sell whatever you don’t use anymore. Then deep clean: wash the windows, walls, floors. And don’t forget typically neglected spots like the radiators, light fixtures, and the top of armoires. Trust us, all that hard work will be worth it in the end!

Introduce Bright Colours

Great news! You don’t have to overhaul your decor for your residence’s interior to reflect the coming season. Just add pastel colour accents, such as pink, mint green or pale yellow, with pillows, throws, curtains, or decorative objects. These shades will instantly give your space a springtime atmosphere. Keep in mind as well that these spring tones will look good in your home into the fall (at which time you’ll just need to swap them again with the previous items).

Inspect and Maintain Your Home’s Systems

Take advantage of the seasonal change to give your residence’s various systems some much-needed attention. For example, inspect your roof, gutters, and windows to ensure they’re still in good condition and don’t require any repairs. It’s likewise an excellent idea to have your heating, cooling and ventilation systems looked over and serviced. Especially the air conditioner: you don’t want to be in a sweat at the first heatwave!

Focus on Florals

Floral motifs remain a classic choice when it comes to spring style. Add them to your decor with area rugs, tablecloths or even wallpaper to make your rooms bloom. These types of patterns not only inject a splash of colour into your living space, but also lend it a touch of vitality and freshness.

Let Light and Nature In

Fully enjoy nature’s beauty by integrating natural elements into your interior decor like plants and flowers. Along with their aesthetic appeal, plants liven up any room they’re in as well as purify the air. Additionally, remove any objects that might be blocking the view out of the windows and wash the glass to allow the sunlight to come in. By doing so, you’ll create a bright and airy ambiance, perfect for celebrating spring’s arrival.

Tackle the Yard

Spring’s return heralds the start of the gardening season and quiet days spent relaxing in the backyard. Get yours in top shape by weeding the flowerbeds and pruning the shrubs. If you grow vegetables, this is also the time to sow seeds and transplant seedlings. Take this opportunity to clean your patio furniture, tools, and outdoor equipment too for the warm weather ahead. Finally, install your decor accessories such as lanterns, planters, and string lights.

Prepare for Spring Allergies

For many, spring means the beginning of allergy season! If a family member suffers from spring allergies, thoroughly clean your house to eliminate dust, allergens, and pollen. Another useful tip is to employ air purifiers, air filters and natural air fresheners to maintain a clean, healthy indoor environment. This is no miracle cure, but it does help.

Change Your Beddings and Textiles

Renew your bedroom with light and colourful bedding. Opt for cotton or linen sheets in springtime colours for a soft and comfortable ambiance. And don’t forget to do the same in your bathroom and kitchen with towels in seasonal motifs.


By following these few simple tips, you can easily transform your home into a refreshing spring retreat!

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