Must-Haves to Make the Most of Your Backyard in Fall

Must-Haves to Make the Most of Your Backyard in Fall

Evenings are getting cooler, and the sun is setting sooner, but you still want to enjoy as much time as possible outside. So do we! With the right accessories and a few tweaks to the decor, hosting friends and family in your outdoor living space up to the first snowfall is perfectly achievable.

So, what do you need to add—or remove—from your backyard to make it fall cozy? Here are some ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Add: Heat

Continuing to enjoy evenings in the backyard once summer has come to an end is easy when you add a heating device to your conversation areas. Not only will it keep you warm, but your loved ones and neighbours will love gathering around a fire. Whether you want something permanent or a portable, a wide range of models are available in stores. For instance, a fire pit to roast marshmallows, a gas fireplace (ideal for smaller spaces) or an outdoor space heater like the ones you will find on restaurant or bar patios.


Remove: The Distance Between the BBQ and the House

Bring your barbecue closer to the house and place your potted herbs by the door. This will encourage you to continue cooking outside despite sometimes having to wear a coat and gloves. You should also consider installing some form of overhead covering to protect the barbecue from bad weather, like a small awning.


Remove: The Parasol

Your parasol has been your ally against sunburns all summer long. Put it away for fall. Not only will you get more sunlight in the daytime, but without the parasol you will have a clearer view of the stars at night. Moreover, if you have an outdoor hammock, adapt it to the changing season with pillows and throws so you can continue to enjoy naps under the trees or stargaze snug as a bug. 

Add: Lighting

The days are getting shorter, and the sun is setting sooner. Outwit the darker evenings by increasing the number of light sources in your backyard. The options are virtually limitless: strings of hanging lights, a chandelier suspended over the dining table, solar lights along the edges of paths and flowerbeds, candles and lanterns, etc. Plus, don’t forget to adjust the timers on your automatic lighting systems so that they turn on at dusk.


Add: Fall Flowers

Chrysanthemums are the iconic fall garden flower. Liven up your outdoor space by growing them in attractive oversized containers placed here and there. You could likewise arrange these flowers in a green wall, alternating them with panels of dense turf. A lovely decor accent that will encourage you to spend extra time on your patio!

Add: Comfort

There is nothing like comfortable seating to encourage you to spend as much time as possible in your backyard during fall. Improve the outdoor living room with additional pillows and throws. A nice wicker basket can serve as a storage container to put all these textiles away when you head back inside at the end of the evening. They will then be easily within reach the following day! If you wish to leave these things outside all the time, opt instead for a closed and waterproof bin. Otherwise, your blankets and cushions will become dull and drab from sun and rain exposure.


Add: A Seasonal Menu

This is the time of year to pull out your favourite squash recipes, to try your hand at making some mulled cider or to roast hotdogs over a wood fire! Organize a Thanksgiving feast, a Halloween party, or a pre-football game get-together. Fall is full of opportunities to gather with family and friends and the right menu can transform any dinner into a real celebration.


With just these few changes to your backyard, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the fall.

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