What’s "In" in Decor for 2024?

What’s "In" in Decor for 2024?

Do your New Year’s resolutions include redecorating your space? You’re in luck, the most recent home decor trends are exciting! There’s no doubt, 2024 will be a colourful, cozy, and stimulating year.

Draw inspiration from the latest styles to update your home, whether it’s to get it ready for sale or simply to please yourself.

This Year’s Star Colour

This year’s top colour is, according to Benjamin Moore, Blue Nova. It’s a mid-tone blue with violet undertones that pairs well with hues such as ochre, terracotta, very pale pink, and yellow. Fans of monochromatic colour schemes will love it alongside lilac, sky blue and greyish blues, for example. Blue comes in a wide variety of shades and works well in many rooms. It’s the new neutral! It’s also splendid when juxtaposed with cognac accessories!

A Chameleon Backsplash

It’s a look that has been around for a few seasons now, but it’s quite prominent this year: kitchen backsplashes in the same stone as the countertop. To achieve it, the countertop is extended all the way up to the ceiling, where the absence of upper cabinets allows. The effect is especially impressive in marble, or marble look quartz for a more budget-friendly option. Plus, this type of backsplash is super easy to clean! Just wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to eliminate dirt and splatter. 

Maximalism Reinvented

The idea here isn’t to overwhelm the space with stuff nor to deck the walls from floor to ceiling, but instead to mix and match styles, colours, and moods to express your unique personality. For example, consider combining geometric patterns, textures, or metals throughout the home.

A Dramatic Island

A growing trend for kitchens right now is to design a showstopping island that can act as the room’s focal point. Examples include oversized or irregularly shaped islands, illuminated by pendant light fixtures, with a waterfall countertop.

Fluted Details

Fluted details are in vogue for furniture and kitchen or bathroom cabinets for 2024. Fluting is a textured surface created by carving vertical grooves. A combination of the fashion for stripes and the return of a more maximalist style, fluting elevates furnishings and walls to the status of art.

Playful Decor

We just want to have fun in 2024! Think rooms with fanciful, oversized, or even comical accents. Why not? Neon signs on walls, colourful shower curtains and serpentine furniture are growing in popularity. After all, it’s the best way to not take ourselves (too) seriously when decorating our homes and to put a smile on our face as soon as we come through the door.

Timeless Elements

Integrating classic design elements into your decor is a trend in and of itself for 2024! This goes hand in hand with the “quiet luxury” craze everyone has been talking about since last year. In decor, this includes herringbone-laid floors, arches, and high-quality wood and brick. The point is to use resilient but neutral materials that won’t become dated and that will remain in good condition for years to come. Think timeless and sustainable!

The Return of the Medicine Cabinet

But not the plastic models so typical of 1980s low-end residential construction! Revamped in a contemporary style, the modern medicine cabinet is now taking bathrooms by storms. Providing both a mirror and storage space, medicine cabinets are eminently practical. Today, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes: with a black, chrome or brass frame, or simply recessed into the wall. They free up the bathroom counters and give the room polish.

So, which of these trends are you most looking forward to integrating into your home this year?


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